GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — What would you say to the Army’s top brass? Would you suggest improvements to your quality of life? What’s your take on the new uniform? Perhaps you have suggestions on policies or regulations to better the average Soldier or family.


The Army Family Action Plan gives each of us a chance to do just that — speak to the top leaders of the Army.


AFAP is a grass-roots movement to provide a “people’s perspective” to top brass officials. This is your way to address the demands of Army life by identifying quality of life “hot spots” and effect change.


When you submit an issue, it’s either resolved at the garrison level or forwarded up the chain of command. In some instances, issues go all the way to the top of the Army.


Since the Army began AFAP in 1983, there have been 128 changes to laws, 186 Army wide policy changes and 208 overall improvements.


So what is an issue? And how do you submit an issue?


An AFAP issue is anything that affects the readiness and quality of life of our Soldiers or families. You can submit issues year round. But the deadline for issues collected and analyzed for calendar year 2015 is Oct. 31, 2015.


Submitting an issue is easy. There are two methods.


Method 1: Submit Online


  1. Go to and login.


  1. Click the “Family Programs and Services” drop down menu (top left) and click “Army Family Action Plan Issue Management System.”


  1. Click “Submit Issue.”


  1. Select your U.S Army affiliation. Spouses, click your Soldier’s affiliation.


  1. Select your location (Germany) or switch to OCONUS and click the dot on Germany to continue.


  1. Select your unit or installation (Garmisch, Grafenwoehr, Hohenfels or Vilseck).


  1. Enter in your issue, click next and enter or verify your profile details. Voila!


Method 1: Submit in Person


  1. Download the form online at


  1. Print the form, fill it out and drop it off at Army Community Service at Rose Barracks, Bldg. 322 or Tower Barracks, Bldg. 244.


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