GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — The USAG Bavaria Housing Office needs your help in conducting its annual utility meter readings for government leased housing.


The utility meters of all government leased housing are required to be read each year to determine the actual usage of electricity, gas, water and district heating.


The USAG Bavaria Housing Office encourages all occupants living off-post in government leased housing to provide their utility meter readings in a timely manner to save government dollars.


The housing office requests that residents read their meters and provide the meter information to government lease housing no later than Dec. 28, 2015.


Log and forward these meter readings to the housing office by calling 09641-83-7023 or via email to


Provide these details in the format listed below and forward the meter reading to the housing office.


  • Name:


  • Address:


  • Gas Meter:


  • Electric Meter:


  • Water Meter:


Visit the USAG Bavaria Housing webpage or the Housing Facebook page to find your community listing and the required meter readings for your community.



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