GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — College students with parents stationed overseas may qualify for a government-funded round trip visit plus the shipment of unaccompanied baggage, according to Army and federal regulations.


The Army regulation on overseas travel, chapter 5, and the Joint Federal Travel Regulation, paragraph 7155, grant military students travel to visit mom or dad stationed in Germany.


The student, according the JFTR, must either attend a dormitory school operated by the Defense Department or else attend an accredited school in the U.S.


The government will pay for one round trip each calendar year for college students if the family and student meet these qualifications:


  • The military member must be permanently stationed overseas and accompanied by family members. In other words, the military parent is on an accompanied tour (with dependent tour, 36 months) and the student is sponsored by the command.


  • The student family member must be a dependent of the military member.


  • The student is not married and is less than 23 years old.


  • The student is attending, or will be attending, an accredited school in the continental U.S. to obtain an undergraduate degree or post-secondary vocational or technical training.


  • The student attends school full-time (at least twelve credit hours).


Students at military academies do not qualify, but qualify for space-available travel on military aircraft.


To apply for student travel, the sponsoring military Soldier must apply at the following website with CAC access:


Service members will need the following documents to apply for Student Travel:


  • DA Form 4187, Personnel Action, requesting student travel


  • Copy of PCS orders with dependents’ names


  • DA FM 4187 for Intra-Station Reassignment (If Applicable)


  • Previous Student Travel orders (If Applicable)


  • Copy of ERB/ORB


  • Written verification of enrollment as a full-time student


If you have questions or need more information, contact the USAG Bavaria Military Personnel Services (MPD) Customer Service Desk at 475-6734/7301/8213, CIV 09641-83-6734/7301/8213 .