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Bavaria Health Command news release


VILSECK, Germany – U.S. Army Health Clinics in Vilseck and Grafenwoehr will begin a trial period of opening for half-days on Friday training holidays, in alternating months, for enrolled beneficiaries needing care for minor illnesses.


The clinic will open for the morning hours (7:30 a.m.-noon) on Friday training holidays only – not Mondays that are training holidays – and will alternate months. Patients enrolled in one clinic can be seen at the other clinic on the days their normal clinic is closed.


Due to staffing, the services available will be limited and will be provided by calling the clinic to make an appointment. While there will be limited walk-in services available for urgent issues, patients are encouraged to call and make an appointment beginning the day prior to ensure the clinic will have the capabilities available. Additional services, including the lab and x-ray, can be available for those with appointments, while pharmacy will be available only for those with appointments or who have already requested a refill through one of the automated systems. For services such as TRICARE and EFMP, patients will need to be seen at their regular clinics during regular business hours.


To schedule an appointment, patients will call the appointment line for the clinic that will be open on that training holiday. Vilseck is DSN 590-2300 or Civilian 06371-9464-2300, and Grafenwoehr is DSN 590-3000 or Civilian 06371-9464-3000.


The 2016 Training Holiday Schedule will be as follows:


Feb. 12 — Vilseck

March 25 — Grafenwoehr

April 8 — Vilseck

May 27 — Grafenwoehr

June 17 — Vilseck

July 1 — Grafenwoehr

Aug. 12 — Vilseck

Sept. 2 — Grafenwoehr


The change in opening hours is a result of patient requests. However, the patients will determine if these services will continue to be offered. Historically, patient utilization has been low, and no-shows have been high, on training holidays at both clinics. If that trend continues, the clinics will go back to being closed on Friday training holidays. Soldiers and civilians who work in the clinics are required to complete all mandatory Army training, in addition to healthcare-specific training requirements.      

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