By Nathan Hartvigsen, Grafenwoehr Army Health Clinic


GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — Winter Solstice is behind us now, so the sunlight will be back before you know it. In the meantime, though, here’s a few tips to keep your spirits up when the winter weather threatens to bring you down.


Reach Out


Holidays are a great time to re-connect with family and friends, so why not start the new year with a resolution to build or repair meaningful relationships? Being stationed in Germany often means that previous outreach methods are no longer convenient or affordable. Telephone bills and Time Zones can really stack up, leaving you feeling isolated and lonely without access to your friends and family back home. Check out the USO for great options to connect with loved ones for free!   Need help with a complicated situation? The Military Family Life Counselors of Grafenwoehr can provide free support services at a location of your choosing. Call DSN: 015-202-415-226 or 017-414-76846 to schedule a meeting.


Reach Up


Talk to your chaplain or consult your Higher Power when things are looking bleak.   The quiet calm of contemplation may be just the thing to boost you out of a winter slump, and meditation can bring peacefulness during times of turmoil. Exercise is another great way to boost your mood. Physical activity can provide enormous benefit to your mental well-being as well as your health, so call the Wellness Center at Vilseck DSN 476-4795 or search Facebook for AWCBavaria to develop a personalized fitness program.


Reach in


Sometimes mood troubles can be indicative of serious health concerns, so if you’ve been feeling down for more than two weeks at a time, let us help you take an in inward inventory to identify any medical conditions that might be impacting your mood. Primary Care can check several straightforward indicators of wellness at your next check-up. Behavioral Health can provide confidential guidance when you feel trapped or alone. Give us a call at DSN 590-3000 to get started.

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