USAG Bavaria Security Office news release


GRAFENWOEHR, Germany—There seems to be a lot of confusion, questions and vague policy guidance when it comes to clearance revocations and denials.


One issue that comes up frequently is the concern over whether losing a security clearance or being denied a clearance will have a negative impact on a Soldier or civilian’s ability to access unclassified computers.


According to guidance released Feb. 2014 from the Army’s main intelligence section known as the G2, a security clearance denial or revocation won’t necessarily impact employment in a non-sensitive position.


It states the following:


National security standards and suitability standards are separate and distinct. It is common for an individual to not meet the higher national security standards and still meet suitability standards. The denied or revoked clearance has no bearing on the individual’s status in a non-sensitive position. The only exception should be if the denial or revocation was for misuse of information technology and mishandling of protected information…It does not take a clearance to access the unclassified network therefore a denial or revocation does not mean an individual is ineligible to access the network.


The Army’s G-2 office is working to correct verbiage to clarify AR 25-2, the Army’s regulation on information assurance.


The Army’s Information Assurance regulation, AR 25-2, seems to state that the loss of a clearance is grounds for unclassified systems access to be terminated but this is not the case. The policy is similar for Soldiers whose MOS doesn’t require a security clearance.


Chuck Godwin, the Security Division Chief for G2, NETCOM, clarifies: “AR 25-2 ONLY addresses procedures involving suspension/revocation of access to classified [systems]…The same basic process applies to Soldiers.”


In the event an employee’s clearance is denied or revoked, security managers are tasked to review the completed investigation and measure the information against the Suitability standards published in Title 5 CFR 731 (rather than National Security standards) to determine if the revocation should impact non-sensitive duties.


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