marine corps logoMarine Corps Recruiting Station Portsmouth, New Hampshire news release


The U.S. Marines will have a recruiting station set-up at the Vilseck High School March 21 for students interested in joining.


For the period of March 13 – 21, the commanding officer and senior recruiter-instructor of Marine Corps Recruiting Station Portsmouth, New Hampshire, will be visiting select Department of Defense high schools throughout Germany to gauge interest and spread information about Marine Corps enlistment opportunities and career options.


If a U.S. DoD dependent wishes to enlist in the U.S. Marine Corps, there is currently no organized fashion to do so while stationed with family in Europe.


This Marine visit is aimed at identifying how many students are interested in receiving information about career opportunities in the United States Marine Corps as well as presenting information to high school faculty regarding general enlistment requirements, unique career opportunities and college scholarship programs.


During that date period, the following DoD high schools will be visited by our Marine Corps representatives: Ansbsach, Baumholder, Bitburg, Kaiserslautern, Ramstein, Stuttgart, Vilseck, and Wiesbaden. Students interested in receiving information about Marine Corps opportunities should liaise with their respective school faculty.


While the goal is to establish a recruiting presence throughout DoD Europe, the selected schools within Germany are an initial test bed for data collection. More locations and schools will have similarly organized visits in the future.

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