USAG Bavaria Environmental Office news release


GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — This spring, USAG Bavaria’s environmental division is hosting a contest providing children a fun way to learn more about local plants and animals.


From March 15 – May 24, children ages three to 12 can participate in the “Experience Spring contest, a contest based on the Naturschutzbund Deutschland’s or NABU annual, Germany-wide “Erlebter Frühling” contest.


Participants explore the 2016 messengers of spring in their school yard, backyard, or anywhere else outside by creating activities and projects related to these four  messengers:  the peacock butterfly, the common nettle, the common grass frog and the European goldfinch — all chosen by NABU to be the messangers of spring for the year 2016.


What is the contest’s goal?


Welcome spring by connecting children with local plants and animals and fostering an appreciation for these species.


What are the dates?


Contest submissions are from March 15 May 24. Winners will be announced June 1.


Who can enter?


Children ages three to 12, school groups (K – fifth grades), families, youth organizations.


Are there prizes?


Prizes are awarded for 1st place and the three runner-up submissions. All participants will receive an appreciation gift.


What do you need to do?


Show how “your children” familiarize themselves with one or more of the 2016 signs of spring through activities and projects.


How to do it?


Creativity knows no limits – create a poster, take photos, make a movie, conduct a play or write a research diary. Contest entries may focus on one or more of the 2016 messengers of spring. Projects, photos of activities, and photos of fragile or oversize projects may be submitted. Make sure to include a brief descriptions of the “who, what, where and why” with each photo submission.


How do I enter?


Fill out the contest entry form, assemble your activities and deliverables, and submit your entry to the Environmental Division at Tower Barracks, Bldg. 389, by May 24, 2016. You can drop off submissions or email them to Christine.e.fox5.vol@mail.mil.


The German “Erlebter Frühling” Contest


The garrison’s environmental division would like to present USAG Bavaria in the German “Erlebter Frühling” contest.


“We would like to combine all your submissions into a USAG Bavaria-wide packet and submit it to the German ‘Erlebter Frühling’ contest. Make sure you indicate your willingness to participate in the German contest in the appropriate box of our entry form,” said Christine Fox, the point of contact for the garrison’s spring contest.


For more information about NABU’s Erlebter Frühling contest, visit www.erlebter-fruehling.de.


For more on the contest, go to the garrison’s environmental webpage. If you have questions, call 475-8999, CIV 09641-83-8999.