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Best move possible: Informed advice for PCSing service members

    Rob WielandSmall, Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command   The U.S. Army’s Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command provides oversight to nearly half a million personal property moves and seventy-thousand privately owned vehicle shipments for service members, federal employees and their family members. About half of those moves…

March 17th, 2016 Health & Lifestyle, News

March Madness: Reading season at Netzaberg Elementary School

  Kristy Shelly, Netzaberg Elementary School Librarian and Information Specialist   NETZABERG, Germany — When I was eight years old, my elementary school hosted a spring read-a-thon, something schools do to promote reading and recognize Dr. Seuss, whose birthday falls in March. I remember taking my one-paged pledge sheet from neighbor…

March 17th, 2016 News, School News