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GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — DOD ID cardholders renting a vehicle must have a short-term fuel ration card before gassing up at AAFES fuel stations on military installations or Esso stations off-post.


An additional military privilege, the short-term fuel ration program temporarily increases the subsidized fuel quota for DOD card-holders using rental vehicles. According to Army Regulation 600-17, the privilege is separate from fuel allowances specific to privately-owned vehicles.


“Military personnel must use the appropriate rations card for their privately-owned vehicle and a rental vehicle. If a Soldier uses POV rations on a rental — even as an honest mistake — they violate Army regulations and will be forced to pay German prices,” said Andre Hutchinson, Grafenwoehr Customs Officer.


Short-term ration cards are active for a maximum of 30 days and, depending on the number of days remaining in a rental contract, provide between 100 and 400 liters of fuel per rental vehicle.


DOD ID cardholders residing in the European theater are eligible for short-term fuel rations with presentation of their military ID and, if stationed outside Germany, an authorized leave form. All other personnel are required to provide official orders or TDY orders.


Here are the steps to obtain fuel rations for a rental vehicle:


1.  Rent a vehicle


You can rent vehicles from Enterprise on-post at USAG Bavaria installations at Grafenwoehr, Vilseck, Hohenfels and Garmisch. Details on transportation is also available at


2.  Military Police station / Customs Office


AE Form 550-175L, the short-term fuel authorization document, is only issued at MP stations and Customs Offices. Bring the rental contract, the vehicle registration, a military ID and any other verifying documentation, such as a leave form or TDY orders.


For locations and contact information, check out the USAG Bavaria Telephone Directory on


TIP: Do not pump fuel at a military gas station before acquiring and activating a fuel ration card. Without proper authentication, drivers will be charged German gasoline prices.


3.  AAFES card issue & activation site


Bring AE Form 550-175L, the rental contract and the vehicle registration to an AAFES card activation site located at the customer service section inside Main Exchanges or primary retail stores. On Tower and Rose Barracks, rental drivers can also go directly to a customer service representative at the military gas station.


TIP:  Add a spouse and other drivers to ration cards to extend fuel privileges. Spouses or other drivers who pump fuel without this privilege — even with a proper ration card — will be forced to pay German prices.


4.  Main Exchange gas station


Before driving off post, pump gas or load money to the ration card at the military gas station. Use the fuel ration card at any Esso station in Germany.


TIP: Any funds remaining on the ration card upon expiration will be transferred to the driver’s primary POV account or refunded. Simply call the service number on the back of the ration card to request a transfer or refund.

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