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GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — The Seventh Army Joint Multinational Training Command, or JMTC, Legal Assistance Offices in Bavaria are now taking requests for appointments online.


Service members and their families can request an appointment from any of the legal assistance branch offices in Bavaria. Locate your legal assistance branch office on the left-hand side of the Staff Judge Advocate webpage and click the button labeled “Request Appointment.” Then, follow the instructions on the website.


Online appointment requests are available for anyone who is entitled to legal assistance. Appointments are available at Grafenwoehr, Vilseck, Ansbach, and Hohenfels.


Please be sure to include an explanation of your legal issue with the following information in any request for an appointment:


  • Previous client?: Yes/No/unsure


  • First/Middle/Last Name:


  • Other Last Names


  • Gender


  • Status (Family member, Service member, Civilian)


  • Rank


  • SSN (last 4)


  • DoD ID Number


  • Marital status


  • Spouse (husband/wife) name


  • Local Address (CMR)


  • Home/Work/Cell Phone


  • E-Mail Address


  • Installation, Unit and Branch of Service


  • Times and days you are available for appointments


  • Whether your issue is time sensitive


Alternatively, you may email a request for an appointment by sending this information to any of the legal assistance centers directly at these email addresses:





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