Grafenwoehr and Vilseck volunteers were honored at a Volunteer Recognition Ceremony April 28 at Rose Barracks. Pictured here is the check symbolizing the value of their service. The total dollar amount for their labor would equate to $1,359,157.52.


VILSECK, Germany — There are 460 of them among us here on-post and without them we are like a table missing a leg. They are busy at work. In just the last 12 months, they’ve logged 33 years’ worth of man hours. Over 240 on-post organizations currently use their services. And in the past year alone, the total dollar amount for their labor would equate to $1,359,157.52.


They are Grafenwoehr and Vilseck’s volunteers, and they are the lifeblood of our community.


On Thursday, April 28, they were recognized for their support and commitment at a ceremony here at the multipurpose center.


Organized by the garrison’s volunteer program manager, Foy Dix and the staff at Army Community Service, the event drew a large crowd of both volunteers and the beneficiaries of their services. Photos of the event are available on the USAG Bavaria Flickr page.


“Our community couldn’t do what it does,” Dix said to a boisterous, standing-room-only audience.


Grafenwoehr and Vilseck’s volunteers leave a lasting impact on the operability and success of the services and programs made available through the garrison and community, according to Dix. They shoulder many of the responsibilities borne out of such services and programs dealing with children, religious services and sports — to name but a few.


From March 1, 2015 to Feb. 29, 2016, Grafenwoehr and Vilseck’s 460 volunteers recorded 58,914 hours of service, said Kent Thompson, director of ACS.


“The criticality of volunteers gets magnified during times of downsizing because there are things we as a garrison just can’t accomplish. Volunteers stand up and fill those gaps,” said Garrison Commander, Col. Mark Colbrook.


And that’s no understatement. In the past two years, all volunteers at USAG Bavaria — to include installations at Grafenwoehr, Vilseck, Hohenfels and Garmisch — have logged more than 231,000 hours. Equate that to a monetary value and it comes out to over half a billion dollars saved.


“For as long as we’ve had the U.S. Army, we’ve had volunteers,” Colbrook said. “This continues a long lineage to support and serve ourselves and the U.S. mission.”


The Army Volunteer Corps, managed by Army Community Service, is a program which people use to find volunteer opportunities, log service hours and receive support and guidance. If you would like to volunteer, visit our article “5 steps to become a volunteer at USAG Bavaria.”


Volunteer of the Year Winners
Category Winner Nominating Organization
 Active Duty Military Member  SSG Bobby Crane  JMTC
 Family Member  Wendy Trackey  Army Community Service
 Host Nation  Linda Johnson  USO
 Retiree / DoD Civilian  James Joyce  Grafenwoehr Kontact Club
 Youth  Gabrielle Hintz  BCSC



1,000 Plus Volunteer Hours

 Lorenna Browning  Michiyo Hannaford  Wendy Trackey
 Rebecca Cameron  Sophie Jones  Christy Whitaker



700 Plus Volunteer Hours
 Helen Cole  Jaquan Portee  Camelia Streff
 Jennifer Colon  Tara Priddis  Angelita Williams
 SSG Bobby Crane  Priscilla Rey  Marcie Williams
 Jennifer Mc Whorter  Linda Scheuermann



250 Plus Volunteer Hours
 Rachel Banker  Sarah Hooper  Melissa Robinson
 Shaylee Borscani  Ferron Johnson  Sonja Sawyer
 Tatjana Brady  Linda Johnson  Dominique Schnell
 Megan Braholli  Misrah Johnson  Kreg Schnell
 Lorelai Browning  Traci Kaintz  Megan Scribner
 Jeramie Bryan  Robert Klampe  Alexis Shilley
 Anthony Bucciarelli  Jessica Leiva- Schulte  Almitha Stacy
 Christopher Colbert  Sharla Manner  Elisabeth Stone
 Emily Daly  Viviana Mauricio  Elizabeth Thometz
 Meagan Elam  Gambrielle Montgomery – Seaton  Elisabeth Webber
 Mary Forrest  Marina Nunez  Laurel Whippie
 Ava Gourley  Lyndsay Owens  Whitney Wilding
 Loukeya Hensley  Jennifer Pasquale  Richard Wiebe
 Ashley Hilbert  Jaclyn Pennoyer
 Cheryl Hintz  Sarah Rigdon





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