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By Savannah Bussa and Alessandra Porres in Dr. Hunter’s fifth grade class


GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — On Wednesday, April 20, the students of Grafenwoehr Elementary School celebrated Purple Up! Day, a day for military kids from every branch of service to celebrate their contributions to the military.


Every branch of the military has its own color—Navy blue, Coast Guard blue, Air Force blue, Marine red, and Army green. All the colors come together to make purple.


Together, our school celebrated the military child by wearing purple. There was a great turnout in the school, with so many shades of purple.


According to the DoDEA website, the Month of the Military Child was established in 1986 and has been celebrated for 30 years every April.


“The Purple Up! Day is an important day to celebrate because it us honoring those of us as military kids and it shows that we are different from other kids,” said fifth grader Vivian Velez.


“The Month of the Military Child is very inspiring because we are the kids that can say that our parents have fought in a war and are protecting our country,” fifth grader Anthony Cazares added.


This Purple Up! Day is for Military Brats, because we have gone through sad times that other children don’t have to go through. Military children move from place to place and always have to make new friends. It can be hard!


We have gone through parents deploying, moving from our friends and family and some of us know kids whose parents have died. We celebrated Purple Up! Day and the Month of the Military child to honor us!


Editor’s note: This article was written by elementary school students and was released with permission from Grafenwoehr Elementary School. 

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