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GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — Soldiers and their families who shopped and dined at Army & Air Force Exchange Service stores and restaurants on Tower & Rose Barracks and Hohenfels generated $1,532,519 last year for Army quality-of-life programs, making Tower & Rose Barracks and Hohenfels a better place to live and work while promoting readiness and resiliency.


In 2015, Exchange contributed $237 million to military quality-of-life programs around the world, up $13 million, nearly 5.5 percent from the previous year.


In the past 10 years, the Exchange has generated more than $2.4 billion in dividends to youth services, family counseling, physical fitness programs and other activities that make life better for Soldiers and their families.


At Tower & Rose Barracks and Hohenfels, these programs include Bowling Centers, Library’s and Auto Skill Centers. 100 percent of Exchange earnings support Soldiers and their families.


“Roughly two-thirds of Exchange earnings are paid to military quality-of-life programs,” said Grafenwoehr Exchange Visual Merchandiser Manager Chris Litch. “The remaining third is used to build new stores or improve Exchange facilities to improve customers’ shopping experiences.”


The Exchange’s mission of providing quality goods and services at competitively low prices while generating earnings to support quality-of-life efforts means that the Exchange benefit is more than finding a good price on merchandise. Shoppers who take advantage of their benefit at the Grafenwoehr Exchange or online at www.shopmyexchange.com are working to improve their communities.


“Truly, 100 percent of Exchange earnings serve Soldiers and their families,” Litch said. “When customers shop and dine at the Exchange, they are investing in their own community, making it a better place to live and work.”

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