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By Ruth Ploeger, Army Region School Liaison Officer


Some duty stations in Europe do not have Department of Defense (DOD) schools in some or all grades. Dependent students in these locations are served by the Non-DOD Schools Program (NDSP), which provides access to English language educational options. This program is not available to local civilian hires.


Most NDSP supported locations are remote or in embassy locations. There are two Army Europe posts whose high school students are served by NDSP. High school students at Camp Darby, Italy, and Garmisch, Germany, are served through the NDSP program. (Elementary and middle school students attend DODEA schools in those locations.)


There are additional options such as homeschooling or boarding school, but the vast majority of high school NDSP students attend international schools in the area.


Special needs support in NDSP locations is more challenging and parents should review level of support prior to PCSing to an NDSP location. The enrollment process is a bit more complicated, so if you have a high school student and are heading to one of these locations, please be sure to contact the local School Liaison Officer (SLO) as soon as possible.


If you have orders to a remote location or embassy contact the Army Europe Region SLO. Your SLO can help guide you through this process:





For more to help your student PCS, visit Europe Family and MWR’s website for an Inbound Student Handbook.


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