Should garrison officials host a town hall at Rose and Tower Barracks? If so, what topics should be covered? What improvements would increase participation? You decide.


GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — Bavaria, garrisons exist to ensure the life, health and safety of the community. Our service members and families are a major part of each community. Garrison leadership wants to connect, inform and empower community members.


A town hall is just one way to do that. At a town hall, garrison leadership and subject matter experts can address problems, answer your questions and update you on garrison news and events. 


take surveyWe want you to plug into the community, stay connected and get involved. That requires that you be informed of garrison news and updates affecting you. And we feel we can accomplish that by increasing participation in a town hall open to the community.


In the recent past, the garrison has hosted situational town halls in Vilseck and Grafenwoehr to address specific problems. Last October, for example, the garrison commander opened a town hall to the community to address concerns regarding the increase in refugees into Germany and close to your home.


Currently, and on a monthly basis, garrison officials host a town hall forum dubbed the Community Leaders’ Information Forum, or CLIF. And where is it hosted? We go back and forth between Rose Barracks in Vilseck and Tower Barracks in Grafenwoehr.


The CLIF event is only open to tenant unit leadership. The theory behind this type of forum is that you route your complaints and concerns up your chain of command, which is then brought up to garrison officials at the CLIF. Garrison leadership informs your leadership and addresses those concerns, which are then funneled back down to you the Soldier and family member.


We feel that we can do better. But how? We need your help. Please take our 2-minute survey now through Sept. 16 at