Dragon_NESBy, Judy Villanueva, 3rd and 5th-grade School Counselor, Netzaberg Elementary School


NETZABERG, Germany — Netzaberg Elementary School is participating in the Great Kindness Challenge, or GKC, Nov. 14-18.


The challenge is an innovative bully prevention initiative where students do as many kind acts as possible, choosing from a 20-50 item checklist.


Staff and teachers at the school here intend to proactively create a culture of kindness. In light of pervasive fear and violence, there is a call for kindness. 


The Great Kindness Challenge answers that call and provides an opportunity for students to unite and demonstrate that kindness matters.


In addition to all students receiving a kindness checklist and doing as many kind acts as possible, Netzaberg Elementary School will host complimentary activities throughout the week.  Activities include: Community Kindness Tunnel during morning line-up (Nov. 14-18), Kick-Off Pep Rally, Kindness Stations during lunch and recess, School-wide Food Drive to support the USO, Spirit Days and more.


Netzaberg Elementary School encourages community members and businesses to come together and participate in The Great Kindness Challenge.  Complete your random acts of kindness and show our students that kindness is cool.


Be a part of this transformational initiative and join us for the Community Kindness Tunnel daily from Nov. 14-18 from 7:45-8:00 a.m. at the school main entrance.


For more information, call 09645-917-9184. To learn more about the Great Kindness Challenge, visit . Play a part in creating a safe and caring school environment.

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