HOHENFELS, Germany — An adult female red deer was found dead inside the Hohenfels Training Area in early January. The Bavarian Ministry for Environment (LfU) took DNA samples of the deer and determined that it was killed by a wolf of the central European population.


There is a possibility that a wolf may still roam the HTA.


Troops training at HTA have been notified and future troops training here will be notified. All food remains — such as a meal ready to eat, or MRE — must be collected and disposed properly. All official government organizations as well as farmers that raise animals and interest groups nearby Hohenfels have been informed.


All USAG Bavaria community members are reminded to remain calm and stay clear of all wildlife. It is important not to feed or attract these animals. Please respect the natural shyness of wolves.


No instances of human injury or contact with a wolf have been reported.


The wolf is a federally-protected species, and it is forbidden by law to bother, disturb, chase, hurt or kill a wolf.


Wolf spottings indicate a thriving environment and the commitment of the USAG Bavaria Environmental Division in partnership with the Federal Forestry Service.


The safety of our community and our animals is our top priority. It is very unlikely, but if you see a wolf — or if you accidentally hurt or kill one on the road — notify the MP front desk or German Polizei and stay clear. Contact the MP front desk at DSN 466-2812/2713, CIV 09472-83-2812/2713. Contact the German Polizei at 110.


For more on wolf behavior and wolves in Bavaria, visit www.bavariannews.com/wolves-make-a-comeback-in-bavaria.