By Christina Wilson, USAG Bavaria Public Affairs


HOHENFELS, Germany — During Women’s History Month, I wanted to write an article on a woman who inspired me, and without even hesitating, I thought of Lara Clagett, our Mobilization, Deployment & Stability Support Operations Specialist.


Coming to Hohenfels in 1998 and working for the Public Affairs Office was a big challenge for me. But Lara’s kind and encouraging words, and the support I received right from the start, made my transition a wonderful experience.


In the last 16 years, Lara been a friend and a mentor to me and many other members of the community. I had the pleasure to ask Lara a few questions.


What or who inspired you to choose this career field at Hohenfels?


I come from a military family and married a retired Soldier, so working with Soldiers and family members is something I am very passionate about. Additionally, I have always been interested in helping others and working in the social services field seemed like a natural fit.


What are the biggest challenges you had to overcome as a woman in your position as Mobilization, Deployment & Stability Support Operations Specialist?


I don’t really see them as challenges, more as opportunities. As a woman and a professional, I have the opportunity to show my counterparts that I am a competent and confident individual who can be considered a subject matter expert in soldier and family programs.


How do you find the balance between work and social life?


Boundaries! My relationship with my husband is the most important thing to me, so I know that I need to have boundaries. I work diligently to leave work at the scheduled time and leave business at work so I can focus on ensuring my relationship is healthy and strong.


What hobbies help you to relax and find your inner strength?


I read a lot. In my job I have to be very social and extroverted. And to recharge I find that I need quiet time, so reading is an opportunity for me to disconnect and enjoy that. I also love to travel and explore new things. My husband and I get excited for new adventures, be they small (trying a food we have never experienced before) or large (learning to scuba dive in the Red Sea). Lastly, I’m a very optimistic person, so looking for the good things in the world around me — a baby’s giggle or even someone who takes the time to say thank you — really help me recharge and maintain my inner strength.



Editor’s Note:  Influential Women of Bavaria is a series of stories on women located at USAG Bavaria who lead positive examples. The series runs through the month of March, Women’s History Month. Around the world, women bring a special vitality and balance to schools, businesses, governments and militaries. The same is true at USAG Bavaria. From supporting Soldiers at home to serving in the front lines and even holding positions of leadership, women in Bavaria are pretty noteworthy. The short pieces from Influential Women of Bavaria are just one way of capturing that.

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