GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — Eschenbach Polizei and Garrison Emergency Services will be taking a more pro-active approach to traffic violations in the Netzaberg housing area.


Although Netzaberg is a base for Army Family Housing in the U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria community, the town falls under the jurisdiction of the German city of Eschenbach.


Community members parking illegally in the Netzaberg Housing Area, particularly during school hours, can avoid fines by parking properly. Here are some of the fines to be issued beginning during the summer of 2017:


  • Parking on sidewalk and/or impeding sidewalk (€20-30 fine)


  • Abandoned vehicle removal (and up to €1,000 fine)


  • Parking in a bus lane or no parking area (€10-35 fine)


  • Failure to obey crosswalk signal (Pedestrian €5 fine; Bicycle €60-120 fine; Vehicle: €200-360 fine)


  • Washing vehicle / identified HAZMAT leak (€50-1,000 fine)

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