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GRAFENWOEHR Germany — The stretch of road on ST2168 that directly connects Netzaberg and Grafenwoehr (red line) is closed Monday, Aug. 28-Sept. 16 for critical repairs and resurfacing.


Travel between Eschenbach to Netzaberg along ST2168 is still possible.


Eschenbach and Netzaberg residents should follow the posted detour, or Umleitung, route along B470 and B299 (blue line) or go through Tower Barracks Gate 20 (near the fitness center) to go to Grafenwoehr.


Students taking the bus to school should still meet at their same designated location and time.


Leadership within the Directorate of Emergency Services has developed an alternate route for schools buses that go from Eschenbach to the Vilseck High School.


The road opens for one-lane traffic Sept. 17-22. All road work is expected to be complete Saturday, Sept. 23.


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