HOHENFELS, Germany — Several youth from the Hohenfels area recently placed in a national contest aimed at developing youth photography skills.


Each year the Hohenfels Boys & Girls Clubs of America, or BGCA, celebrate the accomplishments of club youth as they learn the art and science of photography.


After local and regional competitions, the ImageMakers National Photography Contest yields national winners in four categories: Culture & Tradition, Portraits, Surroundings, and Photo with Essay or Poem.​


This year the USAG Bavaria Hohenfels Youth Center is proud to announce its 2017 BGCA ImageMakers winners in the following categories:


Regional Winners – Europe:


Jasmine Martin 


  • (Editing & Filter Category / age 10-12); Title: “Glowing Mary”


  • (Portraits Category / age 10-12); Title: “Parents’ Trumpet”


Liam Lankford 


  • (Editing & Filter Category / age 13-15); Title: “The Lonely Bench”


  • (Nature & Surroundings Category / age 13-15); Title: “December Frost”


National Winner:


Liam Lankford  


  • (Editing & Filter Category / age 13-15); Title: “The Lonely Bench”


Liam’s entry was selected as one of only 20 national winners.



Note: Hohenfels Boys & Girls Clubs of America registration is open to youth in grades 6 to 12. Parents or legal guardians must complete a Middle School/Teen registration packet for each eligible teen. Packets are available at the Hohenfels Youth Center, Bldg. 72, or Parent Central Services located in the Central Processing facility, Bldg. 10. Registration is free. Registered youth can participate in annual BGCA sponsored photo, fine arts, music and video competitions. The program provides training and materials.



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