The overseas military audience is weeks away from two highly anticipated major improvements in American Forces Network (AFN) TV services: High Definition (HD) signal quality and a decoder with a built-in DVR.


“We know that our audience is used to HD in the United States and having the capability to record TV shows to watch later,” said AFN Headquarters Director Col. David Honchul.  “I’m proud to announce the exact dates when the most deserving viewers in the world will get the quality viewing experience and touch of home they so richly deserve.”


AFN’s new satellite transmission system enables the military broadcast network to deliver all eight of its Direct-to-Home (DTH) and Satellite Network (SATNET) services in HD and improve the video quality for audience members receiving the Direct to Sailor (DTS) service. 


DTS is a three-channel service primarily for the U.S. fleet while underway.  DTH is eight channels of TV services for off-installation viewers in Europe, Korea, Japan and the Philippines.  SATNET delivers eight channels of programming to military units and State Department locations outside of the DTH satellite footprint.


The good news is viewers won’t have to re-point their satellite dish, and highly trained AFN technologists will be available 24/7 to help make the transition even easier. AFN will transition viewers to the new signal in phases, ensuring total operability before moving on to the next satellite system.


The migration to the new signal begins Nov. 14, for viewers receiving the DTS Pacific signal.  DTH/SATNET viewers in Asia get the signal upgrade Nov. 28, followed by DTS/SATNET Atlantic viewers Dec. 5 and DTH Atlantic audience members Dec. 12.


Military exchanges will have new AFN decoders available in their overseas stores once AFN makes the signal transition. Authorized viewers in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility System (DEERS) may now pre-order a decoder at and orders will be delivered directly to the viewer’s APO or FPO address.


Once the signal transition is complete, older model decoders which say Scientific Atlanta, won’t function.  Decoders that say “Cisco” are HD-compatible, and will continue to work for the immediate future.


Once the signal transition is complete, a settings change will be required for the Cisco 9865 decoder. The new AFN7500 HD decoder will also require the customer to input settings during the initial start-up sequence. AFN has decoder settings, a detailed listing of transition compatible decoders, frequently asked questions and other information on the changes at


To contact AFN’s 24/7 Help Desk Technologists, call DSN: (312) 348-1339, U.S. commercial 951-413-2339 or email

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