A roofer with the Hustad Company installs a new roof on a Rising View home at Offutt Air Force Base, Neb. Aug. 24, 2017. The roofers are under contract to repair or replace roofs damaged by June storms that included a tornado and large hail. (U.S. Air Force photo by Delanie Stafford)

GRAFENWOEHR, Germany – U. S. Army Garrison Bavaria will have a new phone number for community members on Tower and Rose Barracks to call when submitting an after-hours emergency work order request beginning January 16, 2018.




This does not apply to emergencies requiring first responders. If there is a need for police or fire fighters to respond, call the police or fire department.


  • Military Police (Emergency): CIV 09641-83-110, DSN 114


  • Fire Department (Emergency): CIV 09641-83-112, DSN 112


  • German Police: CIV 110


  • German Fire Department: CIV 112




During the normal duty day, Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., community members should call their work order requests in to Department of Public Works Service Desk.


  • For Tower Barracks: CIV 09641-83-6324, DSN 475-6324


  • For Rose Barracks: CIV 09662-83-2705, DSN 476-2705




For emergency requests made after normal duty hours, on weekends, and on U.S. and German holidays, community members will need to call the Garrison Installation Operations Center.


  • IOC after-hours work orders: CIV 09641-83-8649, DSN 475-8649.


The number is for after-hours work order emergencies which are defined by the USAG Garrison Bavaria Policy Letter on After-Hours Service Order Work for Facilities Related Requirements as “work required to repair or abate a problem resulting from a breakdown, stoppage or loss of a critical system or equipment which, if not immediately repaired, will endanger life, safety, or health of personnel, and/or will result in the irreparable damage of government property, and/or would affect operations of critical military missions.”


Before calling the after-hours number, residents need to troubleshoot their situation as appropriate with actions like plugging their appliances into another socket, checking the fuse box, or plunging a drain or toilet.


When technicians arrived to a home, or building, for an after-hours repair, they will work to repair the damage or situation to the point that it no longer presents a life, health, or safety issue. This may mean they will have to return to the home at a later date to complete a permanent repair.


The after-hours number is not to be used for routine service orders or to request appliance repair.


Requests for appliance repair need to be made at Housing Appliances Repair Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


  • Housing Appliance Repair: CIV 09641-83-6227, DSN 475-6227


When community members call the IOC for an after-hours work order emergency, they must be prepared to give their street address, complete with street name and unit number, and the type of housing they live in: on-post housing, government-leased housing, or private rental. Please note, if a community member lives in a private rental, they will be instructed to contact their landlord for assistance with after-hours emergencies.


The following are examples of situations that ARE considered to be an after-hours work order emergency:


  • Loss of heat to an entire building or apartment during the official heating period (in Germany the official heating period is from October to the beginning of April)


  • Major leaks in pipes, radiators or fittings significant enough to create a hazard or cause significant damage to property


  • Any large water leak, interior or exterior, when there is no means to cut off the flow of water and no way for the flow to be reasonably caught and disposed of by using a container


  • A plugged main drain or the backing up of sanitary sewer lines


  • A severely clogged drain, the use of which cannot be avoided


  • Interruption of water supply to an entire apartment


  • Interruption of electrical system to an entire building, apartment or training range


  • No lighting in an entire stairwell of family quarters


  • Defective, damaged or exposed live electrical wiring


  • Activation, or failure, of installed fire detection systems or intrusion detection systems


The following examples are NOT considered to be emergencies:


  • Broken Appliances: Stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers and dishwashers are repaired by contract. The breakdown of any of these appliances is not considered an emergency and will be repaired during normal business hours.


  • Heating malfunctions: A minor leak in a radiator or in a heating pipe is not considered an emergency. The loss of heating in a child’s room or in one or more radiators in family quarters is also not considered an emergency.


  • Plumbing malfunctions: A plugged up toilet or urinal is not considered an emergency if there is another toilet available within the quarters. Additionally, a minor leak in a pipe or the loss of hot water is not considered an emergency.


  • Electrical outages: A defective light on one landing of a stairwell or in a basement corridor is not considered an emergency. Additionally, burned out light bulbs, replacement of fuses, and resetting or replacement of circuit breakers is not considered an emergency.


For more information, visit the USAG Bavaria DPW work order page at bavaria.army.mil/workorder


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