Army spouse and volunteer Maureen Ragle is now Field Office Coordinator at USAG Bavaria’s Red Cross.


GRAFENWOEHR, Germany –  Maureen Ragle began her service to The American Red Cross as Field Office Coordinator for USAG Bavaria on June 5, 2017.


Ms. Ragle brings a wide variety of experience to her position, as well as specialized education.


“Being with the Red Cross has given me endless training opportunities to continue to enhance my career,” Ragle said about her Red Cross experience.


Ms. Ragle, an Army spouse, began her service to Red Cross as a volunteer, serving at the Vilseck complex in public relations. In this position, she was responsible for publishing the volunteer newsletter, designing fliers and working on disaster relief initiatives.


Ms. Ragle enjoys her position, especially working with volunteers.


“They all go above and beyond to help each other,” she said.


Prior to coming to Germany, she was stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where she completed her bachelor’s degree in Communications and Public Relations from East Carolina University.


Ms. Ragle knows firsthand the time and dedication it can take to pursue a long-range goal. She will finish her master’s degree in Emergency Management in the spring of 2018. She enjoys hunting for antiques and traveling with her family throughout Europe.


She stresses the importance of volunteers, and how volunteering can help someone experience the satisfied feeling that comes with being of service: “For anyone that’s new here, if you want to get out and meet people, come and see us,” she said.


For more on what Red Cross offers at USAG Bavaria in Vilseck and Grafenwoehr, visit their Facebook page at

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