Garrison chief of staff Lt. Col. Greg Scrivens, far left, and USAG Bavaria Command Sgt. Maj. Michael Sutterfield, far right, pose with this year’s volunteers of the year. From left: Anni Zeitler (local national category), Jim Federline (civilian/retiree category), Jennifer Nash (family member category, Spc. Caleb Dickerson (active duty category) and Kendall Thompson (youth category).


VILSECK, Germany — There are 447 service members, family members, local nationals, youth, civilians and retirees who — from March 2017 to February 2018 — logged over 43 years’ worth of man-hours. Over 250 on-post organizations currently use their services. And in the past year alone, the total dollar amount for their labor would equate to $2,163,378.52.


They are Grafenwoehr and Vilseck’s volunteers, and they are the lifeblood of our community.


On Wednesday, April 18, they were recognized for their support and commitment at a ceremony here at the multipurpose center.


Organized by the garrison’s volunteer program manager, Porché Leonard and the staff at Army Community Service, the event drew a large crowd of both volunteers and the beneficiaries of their services. Photos of the event are available on the USAG Bavaria Flickr page.


“The strength of the Army lies in its Soldiers,” said Lt. Col. Greg Scrivens, garrison chief of staff, in opening remarks. “And the strength of Army communities lies in the talents and contributions of its members,” he said referring to the crowded room of volunteers.


Grafenwoehr and Vilseck’s volunteers come from all different corners of the USAG Bavaria community representing many organizations, Scrivens said.


“And you are all doing fantastic work for our Soldiers and families. And that is why we are here today. We are here, as a garrison, as a complete community, to say, ‘thank you for all you do.’”


Grafenwoehr and Vilseck’s 447 volunteers recorded 89,618 hours of service totaling 11,202 days of work.


Agencies from around the garrison submitted “Volunteer of the Year” packages at the beginning of the year. A selection panel convened in March to select winners in five categories: Active Duty, Civilian/Retiree, Local National, Family Member and Youth.


The Army Volunteer Corps, managed by Army Community Service, is a program which people use to find volunteer opportunities, log service hours and receive support and guidance. If you would like to volunteer, visit our article “5 steps to become a volunteer at USAG Bavaria.”


Volunteer of the Year Winners


Active Duty Specialist Caleb Dickerson, 18th Military Police Brigade (Nominated by the Grafenwoehr United Services Organization)


Civilian / RetireeJames “Jim” Federline (Nominated by Religious Support Operations)


Family MemberJennifer Nash (Nominated by 615th Military Police Company Family Readiness Group)


Local NationalAnni Zeitler (Nominated by the German-American Kontact Club)


YouthKendall Thompson (Nominated by the Grafenwoehr Performing Arts Center)



Volunteers with over 1,000 Hours


Tatjana Brady

Lorelai Browning

Lorenna Browning

Tirsa Eastman

Kim-Nathalie Estrada Angeles

Christina Fountain

Carol Futhey

Kellie Matack

Jennifer Nash

Crystal White

Meri Young


Volunteers with over 700 Hours


Priscila Campa

Jeannette Garduno

Emiliano Gomez

Rhiannon Hymel

Kristin Jolin

James Joyce

Anna Keanaaina

Richard Pierce

Natalia Rodriguez

Margaret Sullivan

Allison Wootton

Manuela Zeller-Meyer

Sara Ziegler


Volunteers with over 500 Hours


Bobby Benn

Anna Berry

Dwayne Colman

Brian Derr

Caleb Dickerson

Michael Garst

Michiyo Hannaford

Jennifer Herbek

Birgit Joyce

Marilyn Kane-Pierce

Juanita McLellan

Robert Nava

Heather Nelson

Rachel Nightingale

DeLane Pearson

George Quick

Suzanne Robinson

Anna Sauvao

Kurt Spohr

Christy Whitaker


Volunteers with over 250 Hours


Kimberly Anderson

Anita Bailey

Lottie Banks

Cynthia Berthiaume

David Breeden

Alexis Brewer

Angela Bright

Brody Bright

Anni Brunner

Walter Brunner

Leeann Butcher

Tania Campos

Donald Cannon

Christine Dawson

Norbert Fiedler

Norbert Flessa

Brian Flick

Elaine Freeth

Michele Freiberg

Marko Friedrichs

Mary Gauvin

Kyle Gipson

Lothar Gogolka

Florlinda Gomez

Charles Hall

Darion Heenan

Ben Henderson

Taylor Hughey

Sonya Kelly

Josef Klimowitsch

Kaitlin Knauer

Monika Kneidl

Richard Kneidl

Amanda Knight

Danielle L’Heureux

Roman Latka

Sandy Le

Francis Lee

Helga Lettau

Brietta Lowman

Kim Meisel

Randie Michael

Nayjillia Morales

Jasmin Morrow

Amy Niedermayer

Anna Olson

Robert Olson

Petra Oney

Tauaveave “Chelle” Onosa’i

Courtney Parmer

Jessica Payne

Devon Pleus

Elizabeth Podojil

Nicholas Pollacia

Guenter Rammelmeier

Karen Rhodes

Timothy Salkil

Angela Schmick

Monika Schoen

Werner Schoen

Braulio Silva

Amelia Sison

Kendall Thompson

Victoria Thompson

Stormie Tippit

Neptali Vessichelli

Rainer Waldmann

Benjamin Weber

Harald Weber

Anni Zeitler


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