GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria Community Health Promotion Council is currently conducting a survey to improve the quality of life within the community.


The Community Strengths and Themes Assessment is an online survey open to all Soldiers, family members, Army civilians and retirees that empowers the community to provide feedback on how to enhance overall health and wellness.


The survey aims to give CHPC insight into what the community members think about their wellness and health promotion as well as agencies, events and services on post.


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“The community changes, the mission changes, the leaders and the family members change. And with change comes a different perspective and different expectations,” said Melissa Kreitzer, Community Readiness and Resiliency Integrator. “We look at what is in the here and now. What does this community need now, what would they like, what can we provide.”


According to Kreitzer, the survey is an assessment of the whole picture, not just the medical wellness.


CHPC wants a work life and a home life that promotes healthy Soldiers and healthy families.


“Our families support the Soldiers so they can do the mission that they are required to do,” Kreitzer said. “Soldier readiness plus family readiness equals unit readiness.”


Healthy civilians and healthy local nationals are just as important to the quality of life in the community.


“Our local nationals provide the continuity here. They maintain the community activities and services so that we can come and go as the mission requires. The civilians also provide that same type of continuity here in the community,” said Kreitzer. “So we want to look at what supports them as they are supporting us.”


The survey comes via the Army Public Health Command, which will look at the survey’s results and make recommendations based on their analysis.


After that, CHPC will sit down and do their own assessment of the answers.


“Who knows better than the folks that are here to care and support the Soldiers and their mission,” Kreitzer said.


After the assessment is done, CHPC will look at the services they provide and make improvements where required.


“We will make sure that we provide feedback to the participants and the community members,” Kreitzer said.


According to Kreitzer, CHPC will collect the results until summer and implement change with the beginning of the new fiscal year, in October.


“We are very interested in what people have to say because we do want to make a change and we want to improve USAG Bavaria as a whole,” said Kreitzer. “Please participate, we will listen and we will take action.”


Click here to take the Community Strengths and Themes Assessment survey and provide your feedback. It takes no more than 10 minutes to complete. Your participation in this survey is voluntary. Your responses will remain anonymous as all data will be kept private and confidential, and will be housed on a protected, secure server.

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