Grafenwoehr, Germany – The U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria Grafenwoehr Counterintelligence Field Office, the GFO, offers two six-month internship positions for experienced enlisted Intelligence Analysts.


To support its mission of US Army Counterintelligence in Europe, the GFO looks for two Mid-Level All-Source Analysts (35F) with a focus on the European region in the grade of private first class (PFC) to sergeant (SGT).


The GFO conducts counterintelligence collection, investigations and operations in support of U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria, the 66th Military Intelligence Brigade, and U.S. Army Europe.


The aim of its mission is to develop early warning of terrorist activities and deny adversarial intelligence of sensitive and critical information pertaining to the U.S. Army.


The internship offers On-the-Job training in a challenging and fast-paced environment with advanced training opportunities which are not traditionally available to Intelligence Analysts.


During the internship, analysts’ tasks will include all-source analysis, independent and collaborative research and analysis and production of intelligence products and research papers using multiple intelligence sources.


Analysts will also present and defend analytic positions, produce intelligence assessments with minimal supervision and communicate with military commands and agencies throughout the Intelligence Community and the host nation.


The experience gained from the on-the-job internship directly results in expanding the applicants’ military analytical experience and will benefit their unit in the future.




  • Contact the GFO to obtain a DA Form 4187 template requesting On-the-Job training.


  • Seek approval from your Command to undergo OJT at the GFO for a period of four to six months. (Extensions authorized with Command approval). Document this approval with the provided DA Form 4187 signed by your Company Commander.


  • Type a biographical composition detailing your Military experience, listing all training, deployments, experience in the European theater, and significant accomplishments in support of the US IC. Include in your statement why you want to pursue this internship and how you believe you can supplement GFO in accomplishing their mission.


  • Obtain a certified copy of your Enlisted Record Brief from your unit S1 (Not older than 30 days).


  • Obtain a security clearance verification memorandum for record from your unit S2 (Not older than 30 days).


  • Obtain a Letter of Recommendation from your first line supervisor and your Commander or First Sergeant (Not older than 30 days).


  • Submit your documentation via NIPRNet Email from your government account to the following Email address: and/or


  • Contact the GFO to schedule your personal interview after application submission.


For questions or more information, contact Janos L. Aksz at DSN 314-569-1905, CIV 09641-83-1905 or email (NIPR), (SIPR).


Also visit the GFO webpage and the Army Counterintelligence Recruiting website (Requires CAC Card Log in) for more information.