USAG Bavaria Directorate of Resource Management news release


Effective July 1, 2018, U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria will begin using a new form to approve Department of the Army civilian (DAC) TDY travel.


The new form is available at


Since 2016, written approval of either the garrison commander or deputy garrison commander has been required to go on temporary duty, or TDY.


Officials with the directorate of resource management have been handling this in an informal way via email, but questions have come up that require a simple process to ensure that command knows the basic details of the TDY and agree to the TDY as proposed.


Easy to use Adobe form


The form can easily be filled out, signed and emailed (eventually submitted to a TDY workflow) to your supervisor for presentation to command for approval. It basically tells command where, when, purpose, special needs and who will be paying for it.


Oh, and an estimate of the cost as well. It will also ask if you have a government travel charge card, or GTCC, and remind you to call your DTA to make sure your GTCC is activated prior to starting orders in DTS.


Do your homework first!


There are a lot of issues to work out and information to gather prior to any TDY.


The new form helps you remember to get all that info, before you start to build orders in DTS.


Yes, we know that you are an experienced traveler and you don’t need reminding, but before you became the savvy world traveler you are today, you had to start somewhere — this form will help novices as well as remind road warriors of all the info required.


Funding Travel


You need to tell command who is paying for the travel. Is it centrally-funded by your DA Proponency, or 7ATC, MTSA, or will your directorate be footing the bill? This is important information for the command staff in the approval process.


Rental Car Approval


No more separate forms for getting your rental car approved!


The reversal of the TDY form is the rental car approval form you need to be authorized a rental car on your TDY.


Travel orders containing rental vehicles, but without a signed/approved rental request form, will be rejected and returned to the traveler.

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