HOHENFELS, Germany — Germany is a country that puts great importance to the protection of the environment.


Numerous highways and motorways pass through vast and picturesque forest areas and extensive fields where flora and fauna are under special protection and numerous species of animals have their habitat. Often, red, fallow or wild boar can be observed, looking for food at the edge of the forest or running with the offspring over a field. Such a sight is always a special moment.


But the idyllic picture can quickly change into a dangerous situation, such as when the grazing game suddenly breaks out and runs toward the street. To avoid a collision, experts advise you to dim the lights and honk your horn, avoid evasive actions, and keep the steering straight and brake controlled


According to the Gesamtverband der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft (GDV) on average, around 750 daily wild animal collisions were reported to car insurers in 2017, an increase from years past.


Here are a few helpful tips on what to do after a collision with wildlife:


What to do after a wildlife accident?


Secure the accident scene: Turn on the hazard warning light, set up the warning triangle. Notify the police. Do not touch an injured or killed animal. The recovery of the animal is the task of the Foresters (hunters).


In most of the federal states, as well as in Bavaria, it is an obligation to report a wildlife accident, otherwise high fines may be due.


Prerequisite: These tips are for larger wild animals. A collision with a rabbit does not fall in this category.


Who will pay for the damage?


It is always good if you can provide pictures of the accident to your car insurance.


If you only have liability coverage, the insurance will not pay any damages to your car by a wildlife accident. Liability insurance will, however, cover the cost for damages to the environment, such as a tree or grass, and to the crash barriers. To avoid any scary or expensive cost, check with your car insurance to see what damage is covered under your contract.


Additionally, the insurance does not pay if you have made an evasive maneuver and have collided with another car or tree.


For emergency numbers and more information on what to do in case of an accident, visit www.bavaria.army.mil/directorates/des.html.