GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — Army Community Service and Army Air Force Exchange Services held a Career and Volunteer Fair Nov. 8, which featured dozens of employers and volunteer opportunities in USAG Bavaria.


Don’t worry if you were not able to attend the event because there are still plenty of ways ACS can help you find and potentially land a meaningful position that is right for you within USAG Bavaria.


“Everyone can benefit from this fair, whether they’re a job seeker, looking for volunteer opportunities, or just want to know who is in the community and what kinds of organizations are out there,” said Porché Leonard, an Army Community Service coordinator. “I think spouses and transitioning military would also greatly benefit from being here.


The fair offered the chance to practice interview techniques, get a courtesy resume review, explore career options, learn how to build a stronger resume through volunteer experience and network with professional and volunteer organizations.


Porché Leonard advised that those unable to make it to the fair have no need to worry.


“We at ACS actually have a career planning class, a federal resume writing class and an interviewing skills class. Whatever your needs are, you can actually come in and see us personally and we will get you on your way and help you with what you need,” said Leonard.


Whether you are looking for a paying job or just want to do something meaningful, volunteering in USAG Bavaria offers many great benefits.


“One benefit is that you can gain employment from volunteering,” said Leonard. “Volunteering is a great way to show your skills to an employer. You can show them you are a hard worker and have the skills they are looking for.”


Leonard said that while volunteering does not always guarantee employment, it does allow you to network, meet people in the community and add valuable experience to your resume.


Volunteers are a valuable asset to the USAG Bavaria community and actually save the garrison over $1 million every year, said Leonard.


“For my organization, I am actually the only employee in my department,” said Timothy Berry, a theater specialist at the Grafenwoehr Performing Arts Center. “Volunteers literally run our entire theater. I guide them and maintain the building, but the volunteers are literally our hearts and blood – our everything.”


“There are many amazing volunteer opportunities on-post,” said Leonard. “There are private organizations such as the VFW and the USO. The Red Cross even allows volunteers to continue their skills in the medical field. There are organizations directly related to the army including Family Readiness Groups where volunteers can give back to their individual units. Volunteers are in pretty much every facet of this garrison.”


More volunteer opportunities van be found by searching the Volunteer Management Information System, or VMIS, at


There are many options on-post for job seekers including  AAFES, the commissaries, schools and garrison.


Jonathon Kennedy and Patrick Yee Hoy with the commissary both agreed that the Defense Commissary Agency is a good way to go if an applicant is seeking career advancement and a government retirement.


“We have had a lot of success stories,” Kennedy said.


“Don’t sell yourself short,” said Holly Bigelow, a defense contractor, when asked what advice she would give to potential job applicants. “Job seekers should not limit themselves by one avenue of experience. Opportunities are wider than that.”


For those seeking paid employment, ACS puts out a weekly job listing for both U.S. citizens and local nationals. Both listings can be found on the garrison employment page.

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