GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — Megan Thoele, a military spouse, enjoys creating ornaments, vinyl labels, water color paintings, and so much more.


When her family got stationed in Fort Lee, Virginia, Thoele turned her hobby into a home-base business (HBB) named Joyful Lily Studio.


Thoele built Joyful Lily from the ground up while in Virginia by growing her following on social media and networking with other home-based business owners.


“In January 2017 I chose my word for the year to be joy. It just kept coming back up and I kept seeing things that reaffirmed that joy was my word. When we moved to Fort Lee, I decided to open Joyful Lily Studio to do something I love and get something out of the time we were stationed there,” Thoele said.


When the military moved Thoele, her husband and their dog across the pond to Germany she wasn’t sure if she could continue her business while assigned to United States Army Garrison Bavaria.


Thoele was thrilled when she found out she could continue her passion in Germany as an HBB.


As an artist, Thoele thrives on sharing her love of creativity and painting with her community.


Thoele’s love and passion for her craft connected her with a family, which left a memorable impact on her and the family.


“Last year when I was making Christmas ornaments I got the pleasure of making one for a family who adopted two little boys from Ethiopia. They could never find an ornament that represented their family, so it was really special for me to get to make that for them and have it be a great depiction of their family, which they get to hang on their tree for years to come,” shared Thoele.


Thoele graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in public relations and sociology, and a minor in non-profit administration.


Military personnel, DOD civilian employees and their family members can operate home-based businesses and other commercial solicitation to provide goods and services to other U.S. forces members and affiliates.


Examples of supported businesses and services are tutoring, singing and dancing lessons, photography, crafts, some cosmetic services, accounting and tax services, word processing and similar enterprises. In addition, multi-level
sales activities (i.e. Avon, Tupperware and Mary Kay) are typical HBB activities. Family Childcare (FCC) providers and private organization fundraising activities are not considered HBBs.


For more employment opportunities, or to register as an HBB, visit our new employment page.

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