GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — The President of the U.S. issued an Executive Order granting the closing of all executive departments and agencies of the federal government and excusing employees from duty Monday, Dec. 24.


Non-mission essential activities will be curtailed to allow civilian employees to be excused from duty the day before Christmas Day.


Mission essential activities should be minimized to those that are in direct support of ongoing operations or mission essential directives.


With the exception of those that cannot be excused because of mission essential operations, Dec. 24 is designated as a holiday for all U.S. civilian employees at USAG Bavaria. Local National employees already have this day designated as a holiday as part of the shop agreement and will not be given an excused absence at a later date due to this Executive Order.


U.S. appropriated fund and non-appropriated fund employees will be excused from duty without charge to pay or leave. This day will be considered a holiday for pay and overtime purposes. Those who are already on leave should not be charged for leave.


DOD Employees: ATAAPS will be coded as LH: Holiday premium pay for those required to conduct mission-essential activities.


A list of holiday hours for USAG Bavaria offices is available at

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