GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — Sophia Turner, a military spouse, who struggled with adjusting to stay-at-home mom life, found fulfillment when she created her handmade luxury skincare company called The Willow Tree. 



Turner now operates as an official home-based business at USAG Bavaria after founding her business six years ago.



A go-getter by nature, Turner was a full time mother, a full time military wife and a full time student, all while working a full time job.



“When things became a little overwhelming, I decided to focus on the most important thing in my life- my family,” said Turner. 



She quit her job and successfully finished her MBA with a focus in Entrepreneurship, while taking care of her family.  



“I struggled a little bit, because I wasn’t used to being at home all the time and we went from being a two income family to a one income family,” said Turner. 



A Facebook group composed of stay-at-home moms who empowered and supported one another gave Turner the idea to save money by making some hygiene products at home. 



“I decided to start making our family’s lotions, soaps and other bath time necessities,” said Turner. 



Turner’s extended family and friends couldn’t resist her creations even though the products were originally for her immediate family.



“My sister told me I should sell my products and name the brand after Willow, my oldest daughter,” said Turner.



The name stuck, and ever since then, Turner has been growing her business.



Turner now spends her days researching exotic oils and butters, designing artisan soaps and running her family, which she fondly calls the Turner tribe.



For those who may be interested in or are already running their own HBB, Turner has some advice.



“Having an open mind and willingness to adapt to changing environments will make for a successful business. No matter how hard it is, keep going. It’s worth it in the end. Whenever I have a customer come back and tell me they loved it and want more- that’s what keeps me going,” said Turner.



Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Turner has been a military spouse for 13 years and has three daughters.



U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria supports and administers the process of initiating a home-based business. No federal endorsement implied.



Military personnel, DOD civilian employees and their family members can operate home-based businesses and other commercial solicitation to provide goods and services to other U.S. forces members and affiliates.



Examples of supported businesses and services are tutoring, singing and dancing lessons, photography, crafts, some cosmetic services, accounting and tax services, word processing and similar enterprises. In addition, multi-level sales activities (i.e. Avon, Tupperware and Mary Kay) are typical HBB activities. Family Childcare (FCC) providers and private organization fundraising activities are not considered HBBs.



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