From left, Garrison Commander Col. Adam Boyd, Beatrice Bair, Tatjana Brady, David Brown, Staff Sgt. Jonathan Munas, Kellie Matack and Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. Micheal Sutterfield. The volunteers won top honors in their respective categories. USAG Bavaria gathered at Rose Barracks April 17 to extend thanks and praise to the 550 registered volunteers at Grafenwoehr and Vilseck. Photo by Markus Rauchenberger, 7ATC-TSAE.


VILSECK, Germany — Garrison leaders and community members gathered here April 17 to extend thanks and praise to the 550 registered volunteers at Tower and Rose Barracks.


The garrison recognized its volunteer community members as leaders and vital contributors at a ceremony at the Rose Barracks Multipurpose Center.


“You give up yourselves to make this place better, our community better,” said Garrison Commander, Col. Adam Boyd, in remarks delivered at the ceremony. “You don’t do it for recognition. You do it because it’s right.”


Organized by the garrison’s volunteer program manager, Kenitha Woodhouse and the staff at Army Community Service, the event drew a large crowd of both volunteers and the beneficiaries of their services. Photos of the event are available on the USAG Bavaria Flickr page.


From March 2018 to March 2019, Grafenwoehr and Vilseck’s 550 volunteers recorded 107,260 hours of service, representing 310 organizations — from USO to chapels, family readiness groups, mail rooms, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and garrison offices like the Emergency Management Office and Public Affairs Office.


Photos: Volunteer Recognition Ceremony


Asked why she volunteered, Gardenia Shallenberger said, “Children, including mine, are the future and I want to make a positive difference in their lives.”


“I volunteer to build community, meet people, get out of the house and to better myself,” said Sgt. Devon Pleus.


In February, a panel of garrison employees convened to select top volunteers from five categories: active duty, youth, local national, family member and civilian/retiree. In the months prior, managers had submitted nomination packages.


The panel selected these volunteers, whom were also honored at Wednesday’s ceremony:


  • Active Duty: Staff Sgt. Jonathan Munas


  • Youth: Beatrice Bair


  • Local National: Tatjana Brady


  • Family Member: Kellie Matack


  • Civilian/Retiree: David Brown


The Army Volunteer Corps, managed by Army Community Service, is a program aimed at connecting community members with volunteer opportunities. The program also logs service hours through the Volunteer Management Information System. ACS offers VMIS assistance April 30.


Over 1,000 hours of volunteer service
Florian Berger

Renna Berry 

Tatjana Brady

Taeler Daley

Brian Derr

Tirsa Eastman

Kim-Nathalie Estrada Angeles

Mary Gauvin 

Amanda Hoshell 

Kellie Matack

Karen Narvaez

Over 750 hours
Richard Clark 

Boycie Dobbins

Brian Flick

Sean Haight

Amber Kelly

Robert Kruzic

Sandy Le 

Brietta Lowman

Jonathan Munas

Jasmin Phillips           

Manju Rai

Chunge Xu

Over 500 hours
Christian Almeida

Kimberly Anderson

Saheed Bola

Rocky Bounds

Kyle Burgess

Jesse Chasipanta 

Michael Cimino

Luis Corona

Colt Dietrich

James Fischer

Sherleana Fuentes

Joel Gleason

Xavier Gonzalez

Michael Graham

Jartavious Gunter

Chelsea Hedine

Ben Henderson

Rachel Holmes

Jarrett Hoshell

James Joyce

Quinn Kearsley

Scott Kelsey

Danielle L’Heureux

Dakota Linke

Taylor Lomax-Lewis

Colleen Lyden

Nicolas Martinez

Richard Martinez

Dallas Nielsen

Neville Patrick           

Clarence Pittman

Jose Posada

George Quick

Richardo Ramos-Freyre

LeAnn Riveron

April Smith

Kurt Spohr

Kristin Voudouris

Kathryn Wasson

Over 250 hours
Jonatan Altamirano

Paul Anthony

Annabelle Arcand

Charles Barton 

Stacy Bodine 

Kayla Braxton 

Alexis Brewer

Brody Bright

Zachary Brunnemer

Anni Brunner

Walter Brunner

Corbin Cain

Donald Cannon

Kristi Davis

Bora Delassus

Piotr Drwal

Alejandro Garcia

Christopher Gillon 

Lothar Gogolka

Hugo Guzman

Steven Handel

Victor Hayes

Birgit Hayhurst

Aaron Jackson

Sashane Johnson

Birgit Joyce

Paulin Kamnain

Josef Klimowitsch

Victoria Kotchenreuther

Brandon Kou

Jacob Krueger

Roman Latka  

Francis Lee

Anthony Lewis 

Igor Malyshev

Andel Mangaroo

Chanthea Mao

Eric Marr

Will Martinez Fernandez 

Jamison McCreary

Amanda McNamara

Marguerite Meijer

Kim Meisel     

Stephen Mix

Jennifer Nash

Jakayla Nickerson

Ashley Nunes 

Tanja Olsen  

Anna Olson 

Christopher Oney 

Tauaveave Onosa’I     

Rosalie Opdahl

DaReek Parker

DeLane Pearson 

Angel Peralta  

Mark Pereschuk

Cody Perez 

Orlando Perez 

Elizabeth Podojil

Anthony Prescott       

Sally Rebl

Martin Rodriguez

Matthias Sandybaew

Franklin Santana

Ashley Sawyer

Monika Schoen

Werner Schoen

Beata Sieskiewicz

Rachel Simmons

Darren Smith

Christopher Smolik

Elisabeth Stone

Joshua Stucker

Andre Symister

Larry Thompson

Kelly Thornborrow

Jared Torgerson

Timothy Wells

Veronica Wiard

Meri Young

Scarlette Ziegler


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