GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — When using Facebook and other forms of social media, threats are just one click away, but Facebook has steps to assist with online protection. 


The use of social media may seem harmless, but as a member of a military community you and your loved one’s safety could be at risk.


Privacy protocols on Facebook have come a long way through the years, and many people are not aware that most information is available for everyone. Here are some Facebook-specific tips for protecting your privacy on the largest social networking platform.


Control your page & group privacy settings 


1. Report Facebook groups that are abusive. You may belong to a Facebook group. Groups require permission to join.


2. Limit who can view your page’s posts


3. Did you know groups have three privacy settings?


4. As a group administrator, managing privacy can be tricky


Make the most of privacy on your timeline


5. Limit who can see what’s on your profile and timeline


6. Do an inventory of your privacy


7. Did you know you could edit photo albums through your privacy setting?


8. Check your games and apps for privacy




9. Tagging is the practice of adding identification to photographs, videos, websites and SMS messages. It is the equivalent of targeting a bulls-eye to everything posted on the Internet. You can become more familiar with tagging on Facebook by going to your settings or visiting their help center.


Understanding what you can and cannot post on Facebook also goes a long way in protecting yourself online.


The Army’s Social Media Handbook provides great information on safe networking, how to register official unit sites, and guidance on Army branding standards and Facebook references. 


Always remember: Think, Type, Post.