GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — Construction continues on a traffic circle on B299, outside Gate 6, Tower Barracks, resulting in detours and modified gate hours.


Beginning Monday, May 20, Gate 6 will be closed and will not be accessible from either direction.


What does this mean:


1) Gate 1 on Alte Amberger Strasse (in-/outbound and pedestrian gate) and Gate 20, which leads to Netzaberg, will maintain normal operations.


2) Gate 3 across from McDonald’s will be open for inbound traffic until 9 p.m. and will remain open for outbound traffic 24/7.


3) Guest sign in/out has been moved from Gate 6 to building 258 at Gate 3.


Additional changes will be made:


4) Commercial traffic will be routed through Gate 3a (Railhead Gate) across from McDonald’s.


5) Gate 3a will be accessible to inbound POV traffic after 9 p.m.


6) Gate 4 (Tanzfleck Gate) will be accessible as a 24/7 gate to inbound and outbound traffic. It will also become a sign-in station for visitors.


Construction completion is scheduled for the third week in June.


USAG Bavaria’s Directorate of Public Works will continue to provide updates during the reconstruction effort.

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