Return ammunition on 'No Questions Asked' policy Jan 19


VILSECK, Germany — U. S. Army Garrison Bavaria holds its quarterly Amnesty Day event July 9, 2019, to afford the USAG Bavaria community the opportunity to turn in ammunition on a no-questions-asked basis.


The next Community Amnesty Day for ammunition and explosives (A & E) will run from 8 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. at the Rose Barracks entrance of Ammunition Support Activity (ASA) #1, located at Army Supply Point 1, and at the Ammo Support Activity #2 in Hohenfels.


Under the Amnesty Day program, which is open to members of the U.S. forces only, you simply approach the gate and let the ASA personnel know that you have amnesty to turn in. The ASA personnel will take it from you on under a “No Questions Asked” policy.


The Department of the Army and U.S. Army Europe have recognized that people may have acquired abandoned or unauthorized ammunition and explosives from a variety of sources: training ranges, souvenirs from peacekeeping missions and military artifacts found from battles waged centuries ago, just to name a few.


The primary intent of this A&E when manufactured was to destroy property, kill and/or maim personnel. In untrained or unauthorized hands, these items could have catastrophic results. If these items are found in your possession, you could face disciplinary action, hence, the creation of the Amnesty Program.


This program provides personnel an avenue to return A&E to government control and remain anonymous in the process. USAREUR has designated that one day each quarter be specifically set aside as a reminder of the programs existence and to further promote safety within the community through the recovery of A&E.


Regardless of the size, people should not touch A&E items they suspect might be unsafe for movement. Report these items to your local military police. They will then see to the removal of these items.


This program is not intended to circumvent normal ammunition turn-in procedures and cannot be used as the basis for AR 190-series investigations.


For more information, call DSN 476-2235/3007, CIV 09662-83-2235/3007 or email


How does the Amnesty process work?


  1. Personnel in possession of A&E will need to transport these items to Ammo Support Activity #1 (utilizing the Unit Entrance gate) or at the Ammo Support Activity #2 in Hohenfels.


  1. Once at the ASA Gate, notify the guards that you have amnesty items.


  1. The guards will escort you to the amnesty turn-in point.


  1. Simply leave the items in this area. The guards will then escort you out of the ASA.


  1. Trained personnel will then pick up these items and process them into the ASA. That’s it.