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ALEXANDRIA, Virginia – The Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) recently completed its second-year administration of the DoDEA Summative Assessments, posting gains in literacy and mathematics in the first possible year of comparative measurement for the criterion-referenced examinations.


More than 50,000 military-connected students from grades three through high school completed the course-specific assessments, 99.7% of which were completed online, providing DoDEA educators vital information to support student achievement.


The Summative Assessments, aligned to DoDEA’s rigorous College and Career Ready Standards (CCRS) curriculum, measure students’ skills, progress and mastery of a subject rather than their performance relative to other test takers.


The CCRS Summative Assessment focuses on problem-solving, critical evaluation and higher-order thinking skills – the kind of skills students need to succeed in school and in the workplace.


“I am extremely proud of the progress demonstrated by our students, as well as the amazing work our teachers and administrators have done during this phased and deliberate transition to CCRS and the Summative Assessments,” said DoDEA Director Tom Brady. “These achievements were also made possible by a total team effort between every supporting office in DoDEA, from IT and Procurement, to Assessment, Curriculum and Accountability.”


In literacy, students demonstrated a 4.8% increase, from 48.3% to 53.1% of students meeting or exceeding standards.


In mathematics, students improved on last year’s baseline by 2%, from 40.6% to 42.6% of students meeting or exceeding standards.


These results reinforce other testing outcomes, like the National Assessment for Educational Progress, that show DoDEA is continuing an upward trajectory as it is in the final stages of implementing College and Career Readiness Standards.


The increases in student performance, distributed across student demographics and throughout DoDEA’s 164 schools worldwide, compare favorably to similar state school systems and indicate quicker growth in student literacy – a key element in student success.


Summative Assessment Results/2-2-2


“We have reason to celebrate this achievement and the hard work it took to get here, but we will not lose a sense of urgency and accountability to our military-connected students and their families,” said Brady. “While we see success overall, we’ve identified opportunities for growth with particular attention to addressing any achievement gaps at specific sites or between student demographics.”


As parents receive their students’ individual score reports over the coming weeks, work will begin to analyze the data for DoDEA educators in order to develop and implement student-centered strategies that will build on strengths and remediate areas of concern.


For more information on DoDEA’s Summative Assessment, Comprehensive Assessment System or College and Career Readiness standards, visit our website

DoDEA plans, directs, coordinates and manages Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade education programs for school-aged children of Department of Defense personnel who would not otherwise have access to a high-quality education.


DoDEA schools are located in Europe, the Pacific, Western and Southwest Asia, Cuba, the United States, Guam and Puerto Rico.

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