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GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — The Bavaria Arts & Crafts Center and the city of Grafenwoehr started a partnership to bring art lovers together and to show the local population a completely different side of the military.


The first partnership event will be an art exhibition at the Grafenwoehr Annamarkt at the city square Sunday, July 28. The event kicks off at 10 a.m. with U.S. military community members and local artists from Grafenwoehr to display all kinds of artwork.


The Grafenwoehr-based art school Creative Art Fundamentals will also be at the event.


Attendees will have the opportunity to create art onsite at some of the booths as well.


The exhibits will not be for sale. The Bavaria Arts & Crafts Center is simply looking to showcase the abilities of its community members to the local community and let them experience the different types of art created in and around the area.


“At a function for the 2nd Cavalry Regiment’s T.E.A.M. Day in May of 2019, the Bavaria Arts & Crafts Center was approached by Grafenwoehr’s cultural manager Birgit Plößner and asked to start forming a partnership for the arts specifically with the city of Grafenwoehr,” said Daniel Van Winkle, the supervisory recreation specialist of the Bavaria Arts & Crafts Center.


As there are many bi-national families and most of the locals do not know about the great extent of art-related programs of the U.S. military, the city of Grafenwoehr aims at including U.S. artists in their events, said Plößner.


“The biggest thing that I have been trying to do since I started coming to work here last September was form partnerships and the most important way to expand growth and resilience within our community is by reaching out,” said Van Winkle. “Because there is no such thing as a one-man-army. Everything has to be done together. And we’re here in Germany and there is no correct reason why we should not be able to form partnerships with our host-nation, specifically with our friends in the city of Grafenwoehr.”


The city of Grafenwoehr and the Bavaria Arts & Crafts Center would like to continue with more partnership events like this in the future to bring artists together, share information, experience art together and show the local community a whole different side of the military.


The Bavaria Arts & Crafts Center is still collecting submissions from artists in the community for the exhibition on July 28. Submissions are due 48 hours prior to the event. Sculptors, woodcarvers, painters, sketch artists and others who are DOD ID cardholders are invited to contact the Arts & Crafts Center for more information: Tower Barracks, Bldg. 607, DSN 475-6101, CIV 09641-83-6101, email

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