GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — Electric scooters are now legal in Germany with several restrictions and regulations.


In most cities in other countries, electric scooters belong to the cityscap, In Germany, it was forbidden to use them on public roads, but the country has recently released its first e-scooter regulation.


Can I buy any scooter?

No — Only scooters with type approval by the Kraftfahrt Bundesamt, the German Federal Motor Transport Authority, are allowed on public streets. Double check before you buy a scooter.

Do I need an insurance?

Yes  — An insurance sticker is mandatory. This sticker is available at German insurance companies. The price for one year is about 15 to 30 euros.

How fast can I drive?

The maximum speed is 20 kilometers per hour (12.4 miles per hour).


Do I need a drivers’ license?

There is no license required to drive the scooters, but there is a minimum age of 14 years. Younger drivers are not allowed to ride e-scooters on public streets.


Where can I drive and where not?

E-scooters can be used on bicycle roads and at special bicycle side stripes. Just in case these streets aren’t available, the usage of regular streets is allowed. The Autobahn and pedestrian streets are prohibited for e-scooter driving. 



In areas where no vehicles are allowed at all, you can push or carry the e-scooter. Walkways with the new extra sign can be driven by e-scooters.


Is a helmet mandatory?

Helmets are not mandatory, but highly recommended.


How can I indicate my direction?

If your scooter isn’t equiped with a turn signal you need to indicate the dirction with your arms, similar to bicycle rules.


Can I bring it on buses and trains?

Most transportation companies in Germany already agreed to transport e-scooters, which is a great vehicle to combine with public transportation.


What are the DUI rules?

The same rules apply as driving a car. High fines and car driving bans can be ordered by the police. 


What are the fines?

  • Pass a red traffic light: 60 – 180 euros
  • Driving on sidewalk: 15 – 30 euros
  • Driving on the Autobahn: 20 euros
  • Driving without insurance sticker: 40 euros
  • Driving without type approval: 70 euros
  • Driving side-by-side: 15 – 30 euros


What about Segways, air wheels, hoverboards and e-skateboards, pedelecs and s-pedelecs?

  • Segways need to be insured like a small motorcycle. A driver’s license is necessary.
  • Airwheels, hoverboards and e-skateboards are generally not allowed to drive on public roads.
  • Pedelecs (bicycles with an electric motor up to 25 kilometers per hour) are allowed on public streets and don’t require a license or insurance sticker.
  • S-Pedelecs (bicycles with an electric motor up to 45 kilometers per hour) are allowed with insurance plate and a moped license “AM”. A regular car license “B” also covers S-Pedelecs.


Are there specific regulations on-post?

  • It’s prohibited to drive on the One Community Road with an e-scooter.
  • E-scooter Drivers are supposed to wear a helmet.