U.S. Army Medical Department Activity Bavaria Public Affairs


VILSECK, Germany — The U.S. Army Medical Department Activity Bavaria is reminding all eligible beneficiaries that although current policy allows for travel reimbursement for medical care not available within the local area, host nation medical facilities are still the first option for that medical care. 


Medical care sought at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center is considered the patient’s second option.


If a patient elects to go to LRMC, travel to Landstuhl will be at the patient’s expense. Local network providers are the preferred place of medical care.


The policy reminder is for all beneficiaries who are seen at the following clinics:


  • U.S. Army Health Clinic Ansbach


  • U.S. Army Health Clinic Grafenwoehr


  • U.S. Army Health Clinic Hohenfels


  • U.S. Army Health Clinic Stuttgart


  • U.S. Army Health Clinic Vilseck


For more information on medical travel reimbursement, contact your referring provider.