AAFES News Release


GRAFENWOEHR, Germany Department of Defense Education Activity and Exchange will offer the “Start Smart” Breakfast Program at more U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria schools for the 2019-2020 school year.


The Vilseck elementary and high schools, the Grafenwoehr Elementary School, and the Hohenfels elementary, middle and high schools were selected for the school breakfast program within the DoDEA Europe footprint.


The Netzaberg elementary and middle schools, which began offering breakfast last year, will also continue the program this year.


The program begins Sept. 3, 2019.


We encourage you to have your child join us for breakfast so they start their morning ready to learn.


A typical breakfast menu includes a choice of fresh fruit or juice, cinnamon apple Texas Toast with turkey bacon, and milk (flavored and non-flavored).


What is the cost for breakfast?


  • Full: $1.75


  • Reduced: $0.30


  • Free


Parents, must register for free and reduced meals at the Exchange School Meal Program website: https://freeandreducedapps.aafes.com/.


Why breakfast?


  • Eating breakfast at school improves academic performance, health and behavior.


  • Children who eat breakfast at school perform better on standardized tests than those who skip breakfast or eat breakfast at home.


  • Providing breakfast to students at school improves their concentration, alertness, comprehension, memory and learning.


  • Participating in school breakfast also is associated with improved math grades, attendance and behavior.


For more information, contact your school office and cafeteria staff.