GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — As contracts often come with pages of conditions and laws are different in each country, it is necessary to read and understand the terms of contracts you sign.


Here is what you need to know about mobile, home or internet contracts in your local area that could affect you when in-processing or out-processing.


What is the duration of my contract term?


The minimum contract term and the period of notice are always specified in your contract. Usually, you can also find them on the last page of your invoice under “important information about your contract periods.”


Most German providers, like Telekom, usually offer contracts with a term of 24 months.


Watch out: After the minimum term is over, most contracts automatically extend by 12 months.


TKS Telepost Kabel-Service Kaiserslautern is a Vodafone Company, which offers telecommunication services for military sponsors and does not have a minimum term.


How long is the term of notice?


It depends on your provider, but for German companies, the termination period is usually three months before the end of the minimum term.


If you have a fixed line or internet connection with Telekom, you usually have to terminate one month prior to the end of the contract.


For terminations of TKS contracts, whether mobile, home or internet, you must provide one-month notice. Whether you submit your termination on the first or last day of a month, the termination always becomes effective at the end of the following month.


How do I terminate my contract?


Terminations of telecommunication contracts with local providers can be submitted in writing, per email or per fax and must be submitted within the term of notice. If sent in writing, it is recommended to use registered mail with delivery receipt.


The termination request for TKS can be submitted per letter or email by the contract holder. You can also terminate your contract at each TKS store in person.


The exact address of where to send your termination depends on the individual provider. Always have a look at terms and conditions, or at the online help page of your provider.


What if I PCS or move abroad?


According to Section 46 of the German Telecommunications Act, you have a special right of termination when moving abroad such as when PCSing. Thus, the term of notice is three months to the end of a month, regardless of the contract term.


Telekom allows this three-month term of notice for mobile contracts and grants a term of notice of only six days for fixed line or internet connections.


If your move abroad is permanent, you always need to submit the termination in writing. Telekom also needs one of the following documents:


  • De-registration certificate


  • Certificate by the employer


  • Military orders


TKS does not need any proof if you want to terminate your contract when leaving Germany. Terminations always become effective at the end of the following month.


What if I continue to receive bills even though I terminated my contract?


When terminating a contract, you have to consider the term of notice and the minimum term of the contract. German providers will still charge you for the rest of your minimum contract term after receiving the termination or at least for three more months if you are granted the special right of termination according to Section 46 of the German Telecommunications Act.


If you have terminated your contract according to the term of notice and minimum term of the contract and still receive bills or even a debt collection notice, you can always ask your Legal Assistance Office for help.


If you are unsure about your contract conditions, contact your provider.