USAG Bavaria Provost Marshal


Our OPTEMPO in Bavaria has increased. There are many more tactical vehicles driving along the tank trail between Tower Barracks from Gate 4 to Rose Barracks Gate 3.


As you utilize this paved tank trail, you should look out for several things:


  1. Watch the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you to prevent debris from damaging your vehicle.


  1. The entirety of the tank trail road is a no passing zone. This is to prevent tactical vehicles from hitting you in your POV as they enter and exit the road.


Finally, we are not quite yet finished with winter here in Germany. Beware of any precipitation that may accumulate on roadways at nighttime and during the early morning hours. 


Be sure to drive according to the road conditions. That could mean that you have to drive slower than the posted limit. Maintain situational awareness at all times and follow the rules of the road.