by U.S. Army Human Resources Command Public Affairs


FORT KNOX, Kentucky — The Soldier for Life – Transition Assistance Program is excited to announce changes coming to SFL-TAP that will be more beneficial to Soldiers.


These changes are outlined in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2019.


They include a new self-assessment that will help determine the level of transition assistance each Soldier needs. Other changes include an updated curriculum for some of the classes and a requirement that Soldiers start the process of transitioning at least a year out.


Technically, if a Soldiers starts 365 days out, they’re late.


These changes will take effect Oct. 1.


“This is the best thing that has happened for Army transition in 10 years,” said Col. (R) Walter Herd, director of the Army-wide program.


In the future, more changes will be made to the curriculum and a new pre-separation briefing will be added.


“The Army has been advocating for these changes for a while in order to better prepare Soldiers for transition,” Herd said. “Congress heard the Army, and now Soldiers are getting a transition plan that is more tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual Soldier, rather than the ‘one size fits all’ program that’s been the overall standard. The overarching theme of ‘Go Early, Go Often’ is still a key component of SFL-TAP.”


Moving forward, Soldiers who are better prepared for the transition to the civilian sector will not have to spend as much time away from mission requirements, and Soldiers who need more support can get the help and advice they specifically need.


SFL-TAP is excited to enact these changes and continue the mission to support Soldiers.

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