GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — Community members and garrison leaders honored long-time garrison employees at an Employee Length of Service ceremony, here, Sept. 20.


In total, 49 garrison employees logged 1,535 years of total service to the U.S. Army and federal government.


“We all are well aware that a company can only survive by its staff and operate smooth by its most loyal employees,” said Dieter Gebhardt, the German works council chairman.


Kurt Spohr at the Auto Skills Center retired as a master sergeant with 24 years in the U.S. Army. He was a veteran of the first Gulf War and now an active member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Spohr has spent the past 21 years with AAFES and MWR — a total of 45 years of service.

Spohr has a tip for the new and younger employees.


“The best thing is to be honest and go out there and be a hard worker. Show that you can accomplish it,” he said.

Nine employees accomplished 40 years of service each.


One of them is Siggi Schieder, chief of the library in Tower Barracks and Rose Barracks, who started off as a first lieutenant in the German Army. Schieder has served the USAG Bavaria library since 1979.


“We have a good team — Just with a good team you can be successful,” said Schieder.


Col. Adam J. Boyd, commander of U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria, highlighted the enduring need for public service. 


“’Each and every one of you adds value, whether you bring a smile on a child’s face, putting a rucksack on a Soldier’s back or you are out there to unclogging a draining at housing, you add value to this community, you add value to the Soldiers, civilians and families here at garrison Bavaria, and for that I thank you,” said Boyd.


The quarterly USAG Bavaria Team Awards were presented to the Army Community Services Family Advocacy Program team.


The Army Professional of the Quarter award was presented to Peter Huller, chief of operations at USAG Bavaria.   


Local mayors of the honorees also joined the ceremony to celebrate this special event.


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