USAG Bavaria Provost Marshal


For those of you who are traveling to Garmisch or the surrounding area, it is advisable to check both the road and traffic conditions for the area prior to departure.


A common occurrence on the autobahn as you arrive on the outskirts of Garmisch is a traffic congestion with only one main road leading into town. Traffic tends to back up from Eschenlohe to Oberau on the A95. 


During warmer weather, you will find more people riding bicycles in the area. Traffic congestion can be significant where autobahn A95 ends and merges with the B2. A quick check of your navigation system by a passenger can give you forewarning of any traffic issues ahead.


Travelers can also keep up to date on current road and weather conditions by checking the USAG Bavaria web page or calling the pre-recorded weather line in Garmisch at DSN 440-3300 or by commercial phone at 08821-750-3300.  Alternatively, you can contact the MP Desk at DSN 440-3801/3872 or by commercial phone at 08821-750-3801 or 3872.