Annamarie McCormick-Howell at the 2017 San Francisco marathon. McCormick-Howell is a seasoned runner, an Army spouse and mother. Now she wants to help Soldiers achieve their goals in the two-mile run.


GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — Certified running coach Annamarie McCormick-Howell is offering her services to Army units at Rose and Tower Barracks.


McCormick-Howell is an Army spouse and mother, Pennsylvania native, marathon runner and contractor with Bavaria’s Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation. She has run competitively every distance from 5 to 100 kilometer races.


She is currently offering unit-level running classes, including run-specific functional strength instruction.


“As a running coach, I believe that everyone should have access to credible coaching, and this includes all active duty service members,” McCormick-Howell said. “So I work to bring coaching to them in an easy-to-absorb, hands-on way, and at an affordable rate.”


Classes cost $2.50 per participant and are geared toward groups of service members. Reserve a class by contacting McCormick-Howell via email at She prefers that those requesting a class reserve one for groups of service members.


Classes are 90 – 120 minutes each and include a comprehensive warm-up, a pace-specific track workout targeting desired time for the two-mile run, and a run-specific strength workout. 


McCormick-Howell provides written information for all components of the class, suggestions for planning a running program and two-mile specific workouts.


McCormick-Howell is developing an Army Combat Fitness Test preparatory course, collaborating with another coach, Anna Olsen. McCormick-Howell said it will be designed to help noncommissioned officers and leaders plan PT programming to help Soldiers pass every section of the new test.


Contact Annamarie McCormick-Howell directly at or visit a fitness center near you for more.


“Being a ‘running tourist’ is one of my favorite ways to see Europe,” said McCormick-Howell. “I cannot highly enough recommend going to a new city to run a race and see it from such a unique perspective.”

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