Amee Debeltz, the soldier and family readiness support assistant for 41st Field Artillery Brigade, talks with Christine Agee, a relocation specialist from ACS, about the hardships of federal hiring. The federal hiring process will be much easier for spouses to navigate after a federal hiring process workshop at the Career and Volunteer Fair on Nov. 7 beginning at 10:30 a.m. (Photo by Katie L. Glover, USAG Bavaria Army Community Service)


By Katie L. Glover, USAG Bavaria Army Community Service


GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — A federal hiring process workshop will take place during the Career and Volunteer Fair on Nov. 7 at the Tower View Conference Center. The workshop begins at 10:30 a.m.


For those familiar with the federal application process, clicking through the website can be a daunting experience. For those unfamiliar with the process, it may seem unnavigable.


“What would happen is that, when I would apply for a position, it would constantly say I was not qualified,” said Amee Debeltz, the soldier and family readiness support assistant for the 41st Field Artillery Brigade. “It’s very discouraging and very disheartening, and it took me two years to finally find a position.”


Currently, over 50 positions are available across U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria, with nearly 40 located on Tower Barracks and Rose Barracks. Each position has specific qualifications and requirements, which must be reflected in your resume.


“You need to read the announcement of any job you are applying for very carefully,” said Bushra Ghani, ACS’ Employment Readiness Program manager here.  “The announcement is for a particular job — you need to have your experience matching what they are asking for, so do not submit one resume for all the jobs.”


Many of these positions will have a green icon with two wedding rings – this symbolizes that military spouses may be eligible for a non-competitive hiring process used to assist spouse employment.


In order to earn a position, in addition to the resume reflecting that a spouse is qualified, the spouse must include additional documents in the application. This is where the workshop will help new applicants.


Rhonda Goodell, a supervisory human resources specialist at the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center here, noted that the biggest mistake spouses make when applying for a job is “not attaching all of the required documents to verify spouse or family preference.” This includes not adding a complete set of orders or not including a marriage certificate.


As for being qualified, volunteer hours may play a key role. If an applicant has volunteer service, whether here on Garrison, or from a prior location, this can be used as qualifying hours.


“Volunteer service would benefit the applicant as long as it pertains to the position they are applying for,” said Goodell. “Dates and hours need to be included in their resume to be creditable towards qualifying for the position (that) they are applying for.”


In addition to taking part in the workshop, spouses are encouraged to walk through the fair, which features over 40 organizations from across the Garrison. Spouses may also speak one-on-one with leadership from many federal organizations, including subject matter experts from the Civilian Personnel Activity Center.


USAG Bavaria’s Army Community Service provides family advocacy, volunteer, relocation, deployment, employment and financial support services to Soldiers, Department of the Army civilians and families through their offices in Rose Barracks, Tower Barracks, Hohenfels and Garmisch. Learn more at



Editor’s note: This is the fifth in a six-part series about tools and resources available to promote empowerment and resiliency among spouses in USAG Bavaria. The other articles are available here.

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